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What are the sizes and designs of your cookies? Cookie cutters come in all sizes and designs - I currently have over 3,000 cutters! Approximate sizing of the cookies are:

  • Accent (mini) (3/4" to 2") Regular or Deluxe
  • Dessert (3" to 4") Regular or Deluxe
  • Favor (4½" to 5") Regular or Deluxe
  • Giant or Gift (5 ½ to 8")

Can I mix the sizes of the cookies? Yes of course! An order of cookies often looks more charming if you have a mix of sizes. The mini or accent cookies add a great deal of visual appeal but little cost to the order.

Do you have pictures of all your cookies? I have several hundred pictures. The cookie gallery is only a very small sampling of cookies to show the quality of my work. Please feel free to e-mail me for additional pictures.

What are the prices of your cookies? Absolute pricing is difficult because t he cookies are priced according to your order request. Size, type, detail and packaging are considered in the price of the cookies. You can view the cookie gallery and get a general idea of price.

Do you make custom cookies? Honestly, most of the cookies are custom in the sense that I tailor them to each customers needs. I am very open to requests, and work to get exactly what you want - size, color, and detail. I do not necessarily add cost to these requests. I have to mix icing colors anyway, so I am very happy to mix the colors you want!

I do on occasion work with a customer on designing a completely custom cutter that complements their particular event - coordinating an invitation, table decoration, etc. There is an additional cost for the time and research of a custom design, plus the cost of the cookie cutter. However, the cookie cutter is yours to keep as a lasting memento of your special occasion.

Is there a minimum order? There is a minimum order of two dozen dessert or favor cookies. The one exception to this rule is during holiday seasons when we have such a full schedule we can usually accommodate smaller orders.

What is the shelf life of your cookies? The cookies are fresh for 14 days -- we do not use any preservatives. We recommend you store the cookies in an airtight container until you are ready to serve them.

How far in advance do I need to order the cookies? It is impossible to judge in advance my schedule of cookie orders. I recommend that you order as soon as possible, even if you are not sure of the design and number you want. In this way, I can schedule you on the calendar and we can firm up the order closer to the event time. That said - I frequently do orders on short-term notice, it is quite possible to piggyback orders together - just call and ask!

Can you freeze the cookies? I cannot recommend freezing the cookies. The process of thawing can cause condensation on the cookie, which damages the frosting. However, if you do choose to freeze the cookies, place each cookie in an individual zip lock bag, and place the bags in a plastic container. When you thaw the cookies, take the entire container out of the freezer. Do not open the container or the bags until the cookies have thawed -- this will lessen the possibility of condensation.

Do you ship orders? Yes, I can ship cookies. Shipping an order is always a balancing act that must take into consideration the number of cookies, destination and date of your event. I consider each order individually, with shipping costs calculated on a case-by-case basis. Shipping costs include a reasonable handling fee to cover time and packaging of the cookies in order to insure their safe arrival.

How do I place an order? Please call or e-mail with the following details: Date of event, type of cookie (favor, dessert, etc.) possible number, e-mail address, telephone number and if you intend to pick-up or ship the order.

How do I pay? Cookie orders must be paid for in full before an order is processed. I cannot reserve your date until payment (or down payment on large orders) is received. PayPal, Money orders or checks are accepted. Checks must clear before an order is processed.

Do you ever have baking classes? Yes, I do! If you have a minimum of six (10 maximum) friends that would like to have an afternoon or evening of baking and decorating fun, please contact me for possible dates. The cost is $45 a person. You will learn how to bake the perfect sugar cookie, the secret to professional icing, and helpful decorating tips and tricks for a beautiful cookie. You will leave with at least a dozen (usually more!) cookies that are sure to impress your friends and family.

Do you have a storefront? I work out of my residential kitchen. I am licensed and insured.

Where do you get your cookie cutters? I order cutters from many businesses, but get the majority of my cutters from www.CopperGifts.com . If you are looking for a particular cookie cutter shape, check out their web site - they have hundreds of cutters - many of my cookie designs are featured on their site.