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Thank you for visiting Crowley Cookies. My name is Bobbi Crowley and I have been a 'cookie artist' for seven years, thanks in part to my youngest son, Tom. When he was in preschool, I brought some Easter cookies in as a special treat for his class. After one bite many of the cookies ended up in the trash can - they looked great, but tasted like cardboard! " Even I could do better than this!" .. Little did I know that Crowley Cookies was born that day. I researched the process of decorating cookies (Thank you Martha!) and practiced, practiced, practiced. Gradually and without any true planning, my 'hobby' became a business!

Crowley Cookies are made from the finest and freshest ingredients. We use only butter (never shortening) and pure vanilla extract. We do not use preservatives and never freeze our cookies! Nut products (peanut and tree nuts) are not used in deference to customers with allergy concerns.

Most of the cookies are sugar cookies, but we also make shortbread, gingerbread, lemon and chocolate cookies.

I bake, decorate and design my own cookies. It is important to me that the cookies are of the highest quality. I get great ideas from my customers and enjoy discussing ways to make their special occasion a memorable one!